Comfortably Numb

Exhausted. Just tired. Numb. No reaction to the election results, yet, but feeling a bit less dread, I think. There are still many weeks of damage to be done before we can get #3, Pence, Barr, Stephen Miller, DeVos, DeJoy, et al out of our House. There’ll be time to celebrate after they’re gone and …

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Aging Healthcare

Who Is Left

In a world gone mad, a world where many are literally fighting for their lives against racism and police violence and a global pandemic, a world where many are unemployed or underemployed, uninsured or underinsured, and fascists build another fence around the palace to protect Dear Leader from the consequences of his words and actions, …

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End of Year 2019

I was wondering aloud to my husband about why people keep saying they hated the final Star Wars (Skywalker) movie and why so many make ridiculous, dramatic claims about it ruining their lives or being the worst thing ever, and he brought up a criticism about the movie: they did Rose wrong. It struck me …

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