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Always With the Free Stuff

What is with people in this country pretending socialism is a bad word? We already have a socialized system for police, fire departments, early education, and libraries. The federal and state governments build our roads and bridges and maintain the power grid. We all use these services and appreciate them. And why do politicians go on about “free stuff” as if we hate free stuff? Who hates “free stuff?” Nobody, duh. Granted, the things they talk about aren’t free, but then, nothing is free.

We already pay for emergency healthcare for those who aren’t insured. You are kidding yourself if you think those crazy high medical bills aren’t partially designed to cover all the people who cannot afford to pay but who have to receive health care if they go to the emergency room. They also pay for some ridiculously high salaries in the medical field (not necessarily doctors), but also for the uninsured and underinsured. We’d be better off if all were covered and we had the power to keep costs reasonable.

This “free stuff” the idiots keep yapping about doesn’t exist. Police services, fire services, unemployment insurance, roads, bridges etc. are all paid for by us, for us. There is no reason health care and education couldn’t be included, and that would keep costs down and quality up. The problem comes when businesses convince us to privatize essential services (like military and prisons and such). They put profits above services, and we don’t get what we pay for.

Link: “What Americans Don’t Get About Nordic Countries” – Anu Partanen of The Atlantic

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