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The Truth Hurts

It's not aliens. It's us.

I’m tired of walking on eggshells around people. You (who voted “republican” – using the term loosely because the republican party is evolving into something quite different from what was originally intended) are all whiny because even after we pointed out to you how *obviously* horrible your candidate and his ideas are for the U.S.A., for all of us, you still voted for him. Now that he’s in you are full of excuses for why you didn’t look at the alternatives and why you believed every lie that came across your Facebook feed about the other candidates. You still want to tell me about the lies you believe about emails. Do you still blindly believe them now that Pence is hiding his work emails, too? Do you still want to tell me about national security with your candidate (Putin’s bitch, yeah, we did notice) making and taking calls with world leaders without first learning about them and how their relationships with our country could be affected? and without bothering to use secure lines for these communications? Didn’t we just go through this?

You heard all the nasty racist and misogynistic things they’ve said. You heard him say he will torture innocent people. You heard them say they’re going to ditch your health insurance, repeal marriage equality and other protections for people who clearly need them, and you heard them say they will screw with your Social Security. You believed their lies about how successful they are and how they’ve totally got your backs while you knew there were law suits for fraud and sexual assault and for not paying bills (and putting your fellow Americans out of work). You knew this “successful” business man has four bankruptcies. You knew he had something huge to hide or he would have shown you his tax returns like every candidate does.

Now we “can’t talk politics” because your feelings will be hurt. Wah. You’re buying into the propaganda and the new terms – ‘PC’ terms, I think your people call them – to make being a racist not sound so bad, nicer ways to say fraud, liar, cheat, thief, rapist, greedy fuck. If you don’t want to be called a bigot then don’t be one and don’t support bigots. I’m glad some of you are sorry for what you did now, but you should have – LIKE ANY OTHER ADULT – done the research and learned the consequences of your actions before you took said actions. You had a whole year to do the work. You can say and do whatever you want, and even though you’re all for ditching the Freedom of Speech (yes, you voted for that, too, when you chose Trump), you can’t use it for your own benefit, to say whatever horrid thing you want to, and then think it will also protect you from the consequences of the things you say and do.

And my Freedom of Speech means that I can absolutely call you out for being who are you are – a bigot, a misogynist, and an enabler of bigots and misogynists, rapists, thieves. Your feelings are hurt when others of us *you* hurt by choosing them to represent us speak up about what is coming, what they said *very clearly* they are going to do to us. This is our lives you fucked with. If you chose to put the people in power who will do the damage then own it. Don’t tell me now that you don’t want to face us, that you don’t want to talk about it. Same goes for those of you who couldn’t be bothered to speak up and vote because silence is the voice of complicity.

Now you don’t want to talk about it because we know what you did; we know what you are. And we’re calling you out for it. The truth hurts, but it’s time to own your choices. We all have to live with them so own them.

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