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Be Prepared

I am curious. All these people who need to have guns in their homes to “be prepared” (for what? home invasion? zombie apocalypse? bears?) – are they also building bomb shelters? and flood water barriers? Are they building their homes from non-flammable materials? Do they have electricity? They’d need it for the alarms and cameras and motion detectors, but what if there is an electrical fire? What all very remote possibilities do they prepare for in order to truly feel safe?

This is probably a bad time, but I just heard the silly ‘cars kill people, too’ argument yet again, right after hearing about a friend’s student being shot by the student’s boyfriend (the student’s father was also shot in the same attack) in her home leaving a toddler with no mom. When we know that a gun, a tool made specifically to kill, in the home means *increased* risk rather than decreased risk, why do we choose to keep that particular tool in our home?

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