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Good Guy

I’ve been involved with conversations about gun rights, ownership, and responsibility more times than I can count in just the last month alone. Apparently, people still, after eight years, think that President Obama is going to scoop up all the guns on his way out the door. The N.R.A. sure has done a number on these fools.

Now that the N.R.A. has suckered these “responsible gun owners” -because that is what they all are, ask them, and they’ll tell you all about how their dad or uncle or cousin twice removed was in the army¬†therefore (duh) they are a responsible gun owner, one of the exceptions – into buying more guns, they all must carry them. You know, for protection.

Guy carries a gun everywhere because he trusts nobody, but he expects you to trust him. Because, duh, he’s a good guy. Obviously.

Edited 2 October 2017 to include cartoon.


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