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Buy Your Own Stupid Wall

Slugs 4 salt.

If 45 needs to build a border wall so he can have yet another ugly structure to slap his name on, then he can pay for it himself. He’s convinced himself that he’s a great business man and master of the art of making the deal; he can make a deal with Mexico for them to pay him back. That’s on him, not us.

Our money should go to education, health care, paying our military and taking care of veterans, jobs, arts, research, repairing and maintaining infrastructure, preventing violence against our citizens (especially the vulnerable among us), developing sustainable power, feeding our hungry, and helping and caring for our people after natural disasters. These are the ways we can pool our tax money and invest in us, to lift us all and pay us back with educated, healthy tax-payers, working, prospering, contributing.

If he wants a wall he can pay for it.

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