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The Voter Fraud Lie

Repeating a lie over and over does not make it true.

Making up new lies to support the lie you keep repeating does not make any of it true.

Four confirmed cases of voter fraud in 2016. Four. Not 3-5 million. Four. Out of more than 135 million voters. FOUR. There is no evidence, much less proof, of any other fraud in this past election. We are wasting a lot of time and money and energy on a solution to a problem that barely exists; it’s not even a blip. It’s time to stop using voter fraud as an excuse to enact laws that discriminate or just plain violate people’s rights.

If 45 wants to keep arguing that the election was not valid, then fine, send him back home. We’ll start over. Send him and Pence and the rest of the numpties AWAY. Far away from us, the country they’ve set out to harm for personal gain. All this time and money and energy could be spent getting people safe drinking water, food, education, health care, housing, jobs, etc. Either shut up about you not being the legitimate president, 45, or leave. Standing up shouting you only got into office because of a fraudulent election makes you look stupid, 45. Stupid and not the legitimate president. If you’re not the president, get out of my fucking house.

Link: “Trump administration invents new story to support claims of massive voter fraud” – by Zack Ford


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