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Cart Before The Horse

Why are we reviewing and voting on cabinet appointments when we haven’t even tried to find out if the president is really the president? He’s clearly been in violation of the Emoluments Clause since before he was elected but certainly from the first day of his term. We have reason to believe 45 and at least some of the members of his administration are vulnerable to Russian influence. They are still using a private email server even though as of September 2013 National Archives and Records Administration says personal email can only be used for emergencies. 45, himself, claims that the election that put him into office in the first place was rife with fraud and corruption.
Why the big hurry? We’re rushing through vetting of people who are unqualified or just plain dangerous for the jobs they’re being matched to. Why the rush when the more we do now, the more we have to try to undo when the investigations are done and we know who stays in or near the White House and who goes?
FFS, 45 was discussing national security and diplomacy issues involving North Korea with the Japanese prime minister and Mar-a-Lago diners all around. Are the members of his private club there in Florida paying not only to use the facilities but also to be witness to national security dealings?
Former Secretary of State Clinton (not president, a cabinet member) went through more than 20 months of investigation for email alone, and this was during a time when it was technically okay to use a personal email server for government work.
It took 20 months to investigate the email server thing alone, and we now know that it’s not allowed, but 45 and the numpties use one anyway. What about the individuals in the administration being vulnerable to Russian influence? Sally Yates already knew of at least one who was vulnerable (Flynn). How long will it take to find out who and how many others are on that list? And what about Russian influence on the election itself? Were any other countries part of our election? What about all the conflicts of interest between 45 and his companies? These investigations are going to take time, and they need to be done first.
We’ve put the cart before the horse here. If, as he says, he is not the president, then why is he acting as if he has the right or obligation to speak for us or to share our secrets with diners at his hotel? This isn’t about him lying and embarrassing us in front of world leaders (though that is very wrong and another subject entirely). This is about him questioning his own authority based on the corrupt election he keeps reminding everyone about and about us questioning his fitness for the job considering his business interests, his lack of security, and the very real possibility that his people work for Russia. It’s been almost a month. The horse is standing still, but the cart is going to roll pretty far down the hill if we don’t stop it NOW.

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