Election Religion

Myth and Fallacy T-Shirt Man

To the grinning, white guy photographed wearing his pro-Trump gear including his “Jesus Died for You/Trump Lives for You” t-shirt:

You poor idiot. Jesus didn’t die for me or for you. Did he ever live? Did he even die? I mean, if he’s back up in three days that doesn’t count as some great sacrifice, does it? I could sleep for three days with very little effort. And, let’s be honest, these people in your version of mythology supposedly lived 2000 years ago. They didn’t and don’t know or care about either of us. According to your book, your god made people in his image which means we’re flawed jerks because he’s a flawed jerk. If he didn’t want us to be flawed jerks then he should have put more time and thought in on the blueprints before he started production. If your god wants to forgive either of us, then he can just do it. It’s on him. If you still want to buy those contradictory stories and instructions, keep on making your weekly $alvation payments. Jesus needs the cash.

Lucky for 45, there’s a sucker born every minute. 45 doesn’t give one tiny shit about you or me. You don’t pay for his lifestyle. You don’t stay in his hotels. You don’t play at his exclusive golf courses. We cannot afford to pay for favors from 45 or any of his friends. You don’t even have breasts. You’re an ant. He probably won’t go out of his way to step on you, but he will not give it a thought if he steps on you accidentally. He got your vote. He’s done with you.

In the end, neither of these cons you volunteered for are going to save you (or me) from anything, not even from yourself. Then again, you’re wearing a camera around your neck. I suspect your troll ass already knows it’s bullshit.

Hell, any day now we’re probably going to find out that Trump Lives For Putin. You’ll have to add a third leash to your collar to connect you to Putin’s web brigade. That’ll be awkward. Or anyway, it will be when you notice that Jesus isn’t pulling you in the same direction the other two are pulling. So, using internet troll labels, do you prefer to see yourself as a lamb or a sheep? You’re going to have to narrow it down; these masters don’t want the same things from you, well, other than your money.

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