Guns Racism

Us And Them (follow-up with link)

I first posted about this shooting on 24 February (Us And Them). Since I am not the president I have the luxury of time to think about things before I speak out, but what I don’t have is a staff to remind me what my job is when something terrible like this happens. 45 has the staff, and he knows what he should do.

What happened here is a white man shot two brown men and also a third man who was trying to help, and that’s exactly what 45 has been instructing his followers to do, to shoot people he thinks don’t belong here as his way of “Making America Great Again.” Of course, he has nothing to say publicly.

Silence is the voice of complicity.

Link: “Editorial: Trump’s silence on deadly Olathe shooting is disquieting” – The Kansas City Star

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