Some Shame?

Huh. It turns out 45 does have some shame. Or he might. Just a teensy bit. To me, though, this is evidence that he might not be as completely out of touch as we thought. Not sure if this is a good thing.

45’s advisers are avoiding admitting when he plays golf.

He’s played 11 times since he took office eight weeks ago. In my opinion, playing golf on the weekend is fine. Everyone needs down time. The problem is we’re paying for 45 and his family to go to Florida almost every weekend for him to golf. He should recognize that taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay that much every time he wants to play a game. While he’s president he needs to find a hobby or way to unwind that doesn’t cost us two or three millions dollars every week. This is, apparently, not the reason for his shame, though. He has no problem with us paying the bills for his hobby, for his frequent public relations vacations to his resort, for his wife and youngest son to live at his building in New York, and for his other kids to put their business trips on our tab.

The one thing that shows us 45 might actually feel some shame for his own behavior is that it’s been pointed out that 45 made a big deal about it every time the previous president, Obama, played golf. The one little thing he recognizes is wrong is that he went on and on about how 45 would not play golf if he’s president, that a president should be too busy working to be able to golf.

That’s it. Oh, and he’s not ashamed enough to actually stop it, but he does feel a teensy bit bad about it. So we shouldn’t mention it.

Link: “Trump and his team don’t want to talk about his golf game” – Steve Benen of MSNBC

Link: image of 45’s tweet


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