Spring! 2017

Spring! Every year it’s like this for me, this disgustingly cheery, hopeful feeling just because of the equinox, a day on the calendar. It’s a day of rebirth, new beginnings! Oh, joy, warmth, sunshine! Weee, flowers, happy shit, hope!. . . I’m probably as bad as those Christmas freaks who, for one day of the year, give a little something to the poor and pretend they’re not awful jerks to their fellow humans the rest of the year. Humbugs.

This year, though, spring and the giddiness that comes with it is kind of special. Hope has been in short supply. It’s been tough to muster any cheerfulness at all for months. When one thinks of seeing FBI Director James Comey speaking, “giddy” is not the first word to come to mind (unless maybe you’re his spouse). This one time as he spoke to Congress, however, I will admit to a brief instant when “giddy” might apply. Maybe even “hope.” I was feeling downright optimistic for that moment. We really need to be able to bottle that shit to save for when we need it most.

The moment passed quickly, of course. James Comey has now confirmed that since July 2016 the FBI has been investigating 45 and his entourage of yes-men, political arsonists, kleptocrats, and Jesus freaks for their possible involvement/collusion with Russia, Russia’s interference in our election, and its plan to sabotage the Clinton campaign. An investigation like this could lead to serious charges with ramifications we cannot even begin to fathom for years to come. James Comey is the same FBI Director who scolded Hillary Clinton in July after a long and detailed investigation into her use of a private email server when she was Secretary of State (which, apparently, is still perfectly fine so not sure what the big deal was). This is the same James Comey who, days before the election and having knowledge of this ongoing investigation into 45 and the numpties, neglected to mention anything about the espionage investigation but instead sent a letter to Congress insinuating that Clinton was under investigation again because the FBI had come to be in possession of a laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner (why do we still have to hear about that fucking guy, right?).

So, yeah, the moment passed quickly when I remembered that Comey is also, apparently, working for or at least toward 45’s interests instead of ours. Then there is the reminder that even if they prove that the numpties are not just lying, thieving, lecherous cads but also traitors we’d still have to depend on our elected representatives to deal with it.

The current leader (and next in line for POTUS behind Pence if the Vice-President is also found to be a member of Team Putin) of the Republican Party in Congress is Paul “Zombie-Eyed Granny Starver” Ryan.  That is the same Zombie-Eyed Granny Starver who authored the bill that is currently nicknamed “Trumpcare.” Yes, that one, the one that boots 24 million people off their health insurance. He also wants to privatize Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare. And he thinks that SNAP is a huge part of the budget which should be cut because people shouldn’t get “food stamps” when times get rough (because fuck all those “takers” as if he’s not the definition of “taker”). Sadly, Ryan’s supposed to be the smart one even though he can’t math. His budgets are at least as bad as this Trumpcare bill.

According to Comey, this stuff is coming out as true, finally. President Obama didn’t bug 45 and the Numpties no matter how many times the Liar-In-Chief and his pet Spicey say he did. There is an investigation going on as to who in our current administration is actually Team Putin. Meanwhile, republicans in Congress are arguing over what truth means as it relates to investigations of spies in the White House. Truth. Facts. Suddenly important. The irony, it burns. There is no way in hell we can depend on these mooks to do what we pay them to do.

Even the first day of spring can’t giddify our fucked-ness at this point. The cheer didn’t last. Damn. I’m just like the Christmas assholes.

Link: “FBI’s Comey confirms investigation into Team Trump’s Russia ties” – Steve Benen of MSNBC

Link: image of Kasparov’s tweet

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