Since We’re Making Up The Rules As We Go Along. . .

(That informative image of where Neil Gorsuch falls is from the New York Times as part of an article)

Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearings have begun. He shouldn’t even get hearings. Not now, anyway. Republicans made up a new rule about the president not being able to nominate a Supreme Court justice in the last year of the presidency if the president is black. New rule! The president can’t nominate a Supreme Court justice in any year of his presidency if he’s a lying, cheating, bigoted con man and/or if he/she is under investigation by the FBI for espionage.

Supreme Court justice is a job for life. We need a responsible adult making the suggestions and the decisions. It’s just too important.

Link: “The Supreme Court Struck Down One of Neil Gorsuch’s Decisions During His Hearing” – by Tessa Berenson at Time

Link: “Neil Gorsuch and the ‘Frozen Trucker’” – By Jed Handelsman Shugerman at Slate

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