Maryland Terrorist Fought Terror

The white man who traveled from Maryland to New York City with the goal of hunting down and murdering a black man, any black man, served in the United States Army in Afghanistan. Among the medals he received for serving was a Global War on Terrorism Service Medal.

Timothy Caughman was 66 when he was stabbed because of the color of his skin. He later died from his wound. He was an American man murdered for publicity by another American man, a terrorist, just because of the color of his skin. The terrorist in this sad story was not an immigrant or a refugee from a country affected by our Muslim bans. He was a white man who hated so someone, in this case Timothy Caughman, had to pay the price.

Mr. Caughman didn’t deserve this. None of us do. Those of you who are part of the hate, who are teaching and encouraging, perpetuating hate? It’s on you. All of it.

No link. I’m not interested in making this piece of shit any more famous than he already is. On the other hand, I’m proud to share the name of a fellow American who was killed by someone who supposedly fought against terrorism. His name was Timothy Caughman.

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