Healthcare Racism

Why Not Just Fix What Is Broken?

The American Health Care Act of 2017 (AHCA) was pulled yesterday when the House of Representatives could not get enough votes to pass it. It was all about greed, taking from the poor to give to the wealthy and booting people off their health insurance. It was always a tax bill and not a health care bill so it’s no surprise they couldn’t get the votes. What was a surprise to me is that Paul Ryan could get anyone to take it seriously at all.

Republicans freak out about the ACA because it was enacted while we had a (black) democrat as president. At that time  It was proposed by a democrat, but it was based on a republican bill, and it was reshaped into what it is now by both parties. It is bipartisan. There are things to fix, no doubt, but this bill has helped millions of people get health insurance (and health care). It’s a major win for American citizens and for Congress. All of Congress.

Short of enacting single payer, the ACA is the best we’re going to do. Congress, work together to fix what is wrong with ACA and quit worrying about when it was enacted. It belongs to both parties so republicans going on and on about what a disaster it is or saying that it is “collapsing” when it very clearly isn’t are just making themselves look bad and stupid. They’re that asshole who complains about everything, and when you suggest a solution they have nothing but excuses for why it can’t/won’t work. Everyone hates That Fucking Guy because he’s a lazy whiner, and he gets in the way of progress because he doesn’t want to fix the problem. Fuck that guy.

Don’t be That Guy anymore, republican Congress.

Link: “A new dynamic may be emerging in the House: A right and left flank within the GOP willing to buck leadership” – by Paul Kane of the Washington Post

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