Pay Back Time Says Florida

Trump takes from the poor, takes sixth vacation

After only a little more than two months in office 45’s already spent too much for the city and county Mar-A-Lago is located in to cover. He’s driven businesses out of the local airport. He’s hurting the economy in the place where he has his business. The town of Palm Beach, Florida, as well as Palm Beach County, are asking him to pay the bills or stop coming. And they are only paying part of that check. The federal government pays the rest. That’s us, by the way, as all of us pay to the federal government.

How long until he gets the invoice from New York?

Presidents, like everyone else, get to take a family vacation. That is normal. It is right and expected. People need recharge time away with the people they love. Family vacations happen every year or two, not every weekend.

There is a place set up for the occasional weekend retreat for the president and his family (Camp David). There is a lovely home set up around keeping the president and his family comfortable, secure, and close to their aides and advisers, close to work (The White House). We, as a country, are happy to provide these amenities. We expect a certain amount of our pool of federal funds to cover keeping the White House and the retreat available. 45 is using that pool of funds, the U.S. Treasury, as if it’s his personal money.

The White House and Camp David aren’t good enough for our spoiled baby of a president. He must waste our money on almost weekly trips to promote his own businesses. Add these excessive expenses for his business in Florida, his golf courses, to the expenses for supporting the business trips for businesses belonging to 45 and his sons as well as the expenses of keeping the first lady in a luxury high rise in New York, and you have recipe for bankrupting the American people. Cutting funding for our hungry and for our arts and entertainment isn’t enough. We cannot afford this family.

The president could, of course, pay for his trips and expenses for his own businesses from the higher membership fees he is now charging for his customers. These higher membership fees give club members access to him, other diplomats and leaders, and foreign affairs discussions. All that money he spends for meals and hotel stays promoting his businesses, his clubs, hotels, and golf courses, all that goes right to his own businesses, right into his pocket. But he isn’t paying. We are. We, The People, who cannot afford golf trips and country clubs, private jets, access, dinners with foreign leaders at five star restaurants, health care, meals.

The limit has been surpassed, Mr. President. Stop invoicing us for your trips. Now we send them right back to you. Pay up.

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