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Congress Needs To Approve Strikes In Syria

Rand Paul tweet. We need Congress to approve military action.

I wasn’t kidding in that last post. The rules our government is breaking are big ones with consequences. These choices, the damage to people and the environment, pushing through a Supreme Court justice without enough votes, war, cannot be undone.

According to 45’s statement about ordering air strikes in Syria, it is in the vital interests of the United States? How? What exactly is the threat to us?

We, the United States, didn’t just bomb Syria without consulting with the U.N. first, did we? Is this for us to do and not for the group that protects citizens of the world?

What does Congress have to say on this? When will we hear what information they had, the debates? What are the costs? What consequences can we expect in foreign relations? What was the final vote?

What do we hope to accomplish? What is the end goal? What constitutes a successful raid? How do we know when we’re done and no longer at war?

Answers. NOW.

Link: “Rand Paul: Trump needs Congress to authorize military action in Syria” – by Brooke Seipel of The Hill

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