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The Usual Gun Arguments

God doesn't stop shootings because there is no god. Fix the gun laws.

Another day, another shooting at an elementary school. Same ol’. This time it’s in San Bernardino, California.

I want to rage and cry and beg my lawmakers to seriously consider solutions, but I know it won’t help. It won’t stop me trying.

“Ya see, the problem is you took God out of school.” Fuck that. Your imaginary friend does NOT belong where our children learn what they need to be productive and critical-thinking adults who play nice with others. Your kids can pray to their god (who, if he exists, clearly doesn’t give a fuck about children) if they want to in their free time, but keep mine and the rest of us out of your delusions.

“This shit wouldn’t happen if the teachers had firearms in the classroom.” I suppose it would be easier for these school shooters of any age if you already had the guns there for them to help themselves to. It wouldn’t keep school shootings from happening, though. Have you noticed that the more guns we have in the hands of Americans, the more shootings and mass shootings we have? You’d almost think there was a correlation. Funny that.

“Second Amendment!” You wanna go there? “Well-regulated,” mother fucker.

“Good guys!” What do you want to bet this person was a “good guy/gal” who got angry or upset or hurt feelings and had a gun handy to solve his/her problem? If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Give people other tools to deal with their problems. . .

“We don’t need more/affordable mental health care – we need more (insert fucked-up/childish reasoning here- guns/God/Jesus/trucks with Confederate flags on them).” Right, because getting to the roots of the problems is silly. Let’s not help people who aren’t handling their problems well. Instead, we’ll give them murder machines in easy reach so their problems become all of ours. And our children’s.

Cue the pointless “thoughts and prayers” messages from our NRA-owned congress people.


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