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Easter Weekend 2017

Tweet from Jon Lovett. Jewish refugees murdered by Hitler because we turned them away.

Let us hope that 45 ditching work and leaving early yesterday is a good thing. Maybe he won’t bomb anyone this weekend.

Meanwhile, the investigation into relations between 45 and Russia continue with what appears to be new information coming in all the time. I know we need to be thorough, but it would be good if findings could come out before 45 starts WWIII. Mr. UnPopularity’s reaching a point where the only way to bring up his poll numbers is to bomb someone; he’s taking that to heart.

Keep to it, people, and check and recheck everything they tell you! Paul Ryan is spreading lies while he works his ass off to eliminate options for affordable health care, especially for women. He’d have you believe that defunding Planned Parenthood, which does amazing work for so many people (pap smears, STD testing, breast exams, birth control, etc.) is a “major pro-life victory.” Federal money never went to fund abortion. His bill doesn’t change that. All it does is take away funding forĀ heath care for people who cannot afford it or who have no other options nearby. He’s not doing anyone any favors.

Fingers crossed that President Bannon will be leaving the White House soon as he and VP Kushner aren’t playing nice together. There are signs.

I’m not a religious person, but I am keeping in mind this weekend what we do to each other in the name of religion and gods. Passover/Ishtar/Easter (and soon, Ramadan) have meaning to me in that they are part of the thinking, the mythology, the story, that got us to where we are today. It’s up to us to learn from the past and to choose a happy chapter next. That means love and happiness for all.

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