Fashion Don’t

Nope. It looks like bullshit from this angle, too.

Stop the presses!

Former president Barack Obama went to the University of Chicago yesterday, and he didn’t wear a tie! DUH DUH DUH There’s an actual news story about Obama not wearing a necktie like it’s some kind of great scandal. C’mon, people, it’s not like he bragged publicly about sexually assaulting women? Why didn’t the press make a huge deal about the black man also being unemployed? People don’t wear ties because it’s fun. He doesn’t have to wear one for every single thing. I sure wouldn’t if I were him. I think it’s considerate of Mr. Obama to wear pants in public after dealing with all of us jackasses for eight years. But then he’s a nicer person than I am.

If we’re going to get all squinky about dos and don’ts and what people should or shouldn’t do, why didn’t everyone freak out about the guests Palin brought with her to the White House (because Jesus turned down her invitation- wonder why? he’s still dead? she’s a jerk and he doesn’t want to be seen out with her and her degenerate friends?)? Her guests wore hats. Inside. How many of us know exactly the consequences from our parents if we were as gauche anywhere, especially the White House? Even if that particular president and all he surrounds himself with are disrespectful of the office and all the people who came before them, that is no reason to drop our basic manners. I can hear them now, “we don’t stoop to their level.” I’d probably be smacked, too. And I’d deserve it.

Not even going in to the photo by the former First Lady and Secretary of State. That could lead to more ugly judging, then of course, Bannon’s name comes up, and it’s a whole. . . THING. . .

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