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Tough Guy, Eh?

Trump needs a rally to feed his ego.

Trump talks big. Believe me! He waves his tiny hands around, sharing every thought as it pops into his little brain, repeating statistics from Infowars and Breitbart as if they prove whatever idiotic point he is working toward. How is it he rarely ever gets to a point? He’s ego and bluster but no substance. Even his lies are off topic. You’d think a guy whose secrets have secrets would be better at controlling his mouth. Not our Donnie Thinskin. He feeds on adulation from those he surrounds himself with, and he’ll say or do whatever he thinks he has to in the moment to get that fix.

45 did some kind of Holocaust Remembrance Proclamation today, and he had to do two minutes read from a script for his tweet. He couldn’t do it. Seriously, about 20 seconds in he brought up how he won the presidency. At least he finally admitted that six million Jewish people were murdered in the Holocaust. For the International Holocaust Remembrance in January he couldn’t be bothered to mention Jews.

But the guy who loves to talk and who feeds on admiration of his fans just can’t bring himself to go to the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner. Nobody from the White House will be attending “in solidarity” with Thinskin-In-Chief. They aren’t going this one night because 45 won’t be fed what he needs to survive. Instead, he will get his sustenance at a “BIG rally in Pennsylvania.”

Aw, poor baby. They’re gonna be mean to widda Donnie.

Who’s the fucking snowflake?

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