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We Like Our System Of Checks And Balances

But what if a tyrant comes to power and no one's able to stop him because the whole thing is kind of funny?

It’s the 9th Circuit Court’s turn. In February that court blocked 45’s executive order that barred travel from Muslim-majority countries and banned all Syrian refugees from coming to the U.S. even if they were already cleared to come here.

Then yesterday, a judge from the court rejected Trump’s order to defund sanctuary cities.

It seems that the president is not only confused about who sets up the budgets and what is in the Constitution, but he’s also terribly confused about how the government works in the first place. Three branches checking each other’s work to be sure they uphold the Constitution and laws of the nation is going totally over his head. Maybe we need to draw him pictures because in the good ol’ USA we like our Constitution and our system of checks and balances.

Of course, there was a series of tweets (below) wherein the president had one of his usual hissy fits. Then a story pops up on The Hill where the president used his “many people” argument (“many people” being code for DJT, of course) suggesting he wants to break up the 9th Circuit Court. Seriously. For doing their job.

It would seem that law is just too hard for our widdle Donnie.

How much longer do we have to deal with this ignoramus? How’s that Russian ties investigation coming along? hello?

Link: “DONALD TRUMP’S UNINTELLIGIBLE PRESIDENCY” – by Amy Davidson of The New Yorker

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