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You’re Fired!

Trump - 100 days feels like 100 years.

Ninety-nine days ago today, we put a new CEO behind the desk in the Oval Office. His job description includes managing the overall operations and resources of our country and acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors (that’s us) and corporate operations (the branches and departments that make up our government). Also included in his job description, among other tasks, is filling vacancies within the cabinet with excellent (or at least competent and qualified) employees to act as his official advisory group and to head executive departments.

Our new employee was to work with other departments including the judicial and legislative branches, always keeping the best interests of the shareholders first and foremost in his mind. He was to fill thousands of vacancies, positions all throughout the government.

“Beyond the hundreds of positions that require Senate confirmation, thousands of political appointments that don’t require congressional approval still aren’t being filled.” – John W. Schoen of CNBC

Congress cannot approve positions when no one has been suggested for them. Thousands don’t even require approval, yet the president blames (the democrats in) Congress for his failure to fill the vacancies.

Our employee is in violation of federal regulations regarding nepotism as he has hired his daughter and his son-in-law so that he can delegate his duties to them. They were not elected. His daughter was not approved by Congress. We also have reason to believe that our new employee’s son-in-law lied on his clearance forms. Kushner appears to be a mole.

There are the innumerable instances of violations of the emoluments clause. We literally can’t count them all because our CEO has not shown us his tax returns.

It has been difficult to determine during our employee’s short tenure if he is working for the Russians exclusively or if he is also working for big business. Judging by his choices to back the tax bill (AHCA) as a replacement for our current health care law (ACA), by his suggestion and support of tax cuts for the wealthy (called “tax reform” for those of us who can appreciate a joke), and by his eagerness to give public lands to big businesses, I suspect we will have to dig much deeper to find out who all our CEO is working for. He certainly isn’t working for the shareholders (again, that would be us, the American people).

Our CEO is utterly convinced that our military needs “rebuilding” though the military, as it stands, is quite strong, the strongest in the world, by far. We have not depleted supplies nor has the military fallen into disrepair. When asked our CEO cannot tell us what exactly is in need of rebuilding at the expense of Meals On Wheels, funding for the arts, EPA, Army Corps of Engineers, and many more. Spending was already excessively high for that department.

“I told you earlier all the talk of America’s economic decline is political hot air. Well, so is all the rhetoric you hear about our enemies getting stronger and America getting weaker,” Obama said in his last annual State of the Union address Jan. 12, 2016. “Let me tell you something: The United States of America is the most powerful nation on Earth. Period. Period. It’s not even close. It’s not even close. We spend more on our military than the next eight nations combined.” – President Barack Obama as reported by Lauren Carroll of Politifact

Our new employee lacks basic social skills and humility that are required to do this job effectively. He has no basic understanding of government, science, or mathematics which are absolutely necessary when working on funding projects. Our employee has displayed, both before and after hire, bigotry toward races and religions other than his own as well as toward women. His Vice-President is not able to work with women (half the population of the planet) due to some sort of religious rule, and he has also shown serious attitude problems toward women and women’s civil rights. This CEO has also shown shameful disrespect for the Constitution, for civil rights, for the office he holds, and for those who have held the office before him.

Our employee is going way over budget with excessive vacations, use of government funds and equipment to advertise his personal holdings, excessive spending to keep his wife and youngest son in a luxurious residence in another state, and expenses for his adult children to travel and promote their private businesses.

He has shown dangerous confusion between what is fact and what is fiction. Our CEO can see incontrovertible information in front of him and come to a conclusion that is exactly the opposite of what the facts show. He makes management decisions on whims and lies rather than on facts and science.

Our CEO was to meet with other CEOs, leaders and representatives of other governments, to work out ways to communicate, to trade, to improve our lives and those of the citizens of the world. Unfortunately, our new employee cannot play nice with others. While he has backed off trying to start trouble with our German allies, and he is not currently shooting missiles at Syria or dropping bombs in Afghanistan, he is now picking a fight with another ally, South Korea.

As mentioned during the interview process before the actual hire, there’s a mole on our management team. I suspect there are at least several of them and that our new CEO is also a mole for Russia. We need to push our investigative teams to get to the bottom of this regardless of if we decide to keep this CEO in his position.

The introductory period is over. I will admit that I, personally, had reservations about this new employee from the beginning as it appears that other members of the board were aware of instances committed by the new employee of fraud, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. I was also aware of numerous instances of dishonesty and instances of inciting violence and extreme nationalism on the application.  As a shareholder, I have to put in my vote: due to the facts listed here, this employee isn’t going to work out. Donald J. Trump, you’re fired!

(And just because I found this to be a good measure of the progress a student might make, you know, if he’s trying, I’m including a report card on the new employee from Representative Ted Lieu.)

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