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This “MAGA” – What Does It Really Mean?

Health care spending has grown much faster than the economy. Costs compared to GDP and wages 1960-2010.

Is it Make America Golf Again? No? “Great?” When was America great? Why isn’t it great now? Okay, dumb question; I know what’s wrong with it now. A year ago, though, there was certainly room for improvement, but we were making noticeable progress. Maybe we weren’t great, but we were pretty damned good and working our …

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Equal And Opposite

Cartoon Trump curtseys for Saudi cash.

There’s been a particularly useful new saying making its way around Twitter lately: “Newton’s fourth law: for every trump action there is an equal and opposite trump tweet.” This is a joke, sort of, but start digging in to everything he whines about on Twitter, and compare his tweets with the actions he takes. It looks to …

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Today’s Episode of Hate Speech

Watching the news aka Trump's reality show of hate and crazy.

What happens when you elect a reality show host to be the president of the United States? You get a reality show host instead of the President of the United States. Hiring and firing has nothing to do with a potential employee’s experience, qualifications, integrity, or achievements. The rules are made up by the host (and …

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Thou Shalt

God probably wouldn't approve of their golden Trump calf.

The concept of sins and virtues predates Christianity, but since some of our elected officials, especially lately, believe they have a kind of mandate to turn the United States of America into a theocracy based on Christianity, we’ll stick with that range of religions. Before I go any further, I’m aware that each of these officials wants …

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Witch Hunt

Poor Trump. Everyone's mean to him.

Tweet from the president on Thursday morning, 18 May 2017: “This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American History!” – DJT Since Thursday, the “witch hunt” thing has gotten under my skin. I know the guy is an idiot, but still. I mean, he’s 70 years old; he knows what that …

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