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Shock, A Pre-Existing Condition

It takes a special kind of monster to look people in the face who depend on you, smile and say you're doing them a favor, as you kill them.

The nation collectively stares at the news feeds, trying to process our frustration, our outrage and shock, as GOP members of Congress celebrate giving the wealthiest Americans a tax break. The cost for this tax bill of theirs? The health insurance of the 40% or so of Americans in the lowest income brackets, the Americans who need this help the most. Those 40% are supposed to be cheering for that tax break the House just approved for the rich. They won’t be victims for long.

But then Americans have no obligation to each other especially when, clearly, some people aren’t living right (say the shitbags).

Well, I’m tired of being made a victim of circumstance, especially when most are beyond my control. The list of pre-existing conditions makes me wonder if any of those members of the House read the bill. They exempted themselves from the provisions of their bill, but when their other family members suffer for what they’ve done, will they understand? A victim of rape has a pre-existing condition. Diabetes and allergies are on the list. Being covered by an employer’s plan does not exempt any of us, either. But we won’t be victims for long.

Giddy congress people inflict this heinous bill on those who need it most while others, more hypocrites, pray at the White House. 45, putrid dumpster fire and Liar-In-Chief, signs an executive order they call “Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty,” intended to legalize discrimination in our country. They think we’re victims? They’re wrong. We won’t be for long.

Yes, we saw it coming. We’re still in shock.

I’m sick with sadness and shame. It’s going to take some time to find hope again. The fight is knocked out of me, for now, but it’s not over. Heads need to roll, and before we help this travesty of a health care bill die in the Senate, we will wrap it tightly around the neck of every Republican who approved it in the House.

For now, let them celebrate their depravity and greed while we process. It still has to pass the Senate.  We won’t be victims for long.

4 May 2017

Link: “U.S. House passes healthcare bill in major Trump victory” – by David Morgan and Yasmeen Abutaleb of Reuters

Link: “A Little-Noticed Target in the House Health Bill: Special Education” – by Erica L. Green of the New York Times

Link: “In lieu of a CBO score, an overview of the expected effects of the GOP health-care bill” – by Philip Bump of the Washington Post


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