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Taking a couple of days away this past weekend was invigorating. It was also sobering.

I live in Wisconsin, a state that doesn’t help the uninsured if there is any possible way to get out of it. I’ve been looking forward to the possibility of being able to get health care coverage long enough to get back into the work force full time so I can buy my own insurance again. Last week was a kick in the ass and a kick in that hope. I’m down, but I’m not out. That said, I’m not in danger right now. I am lucky.

Saturday I got to go see a movie which made me laugh. I got to have dinner out with family. I could afford to step away from social media and from making calls for a couple of days. I understand how lucky I am to be able to take two days away, to be able to push down the fear and frustration. I am not in imminent danger.

Not everyone is able to afford that luxury, that time away. Some people live this fear in a way I will never understand. My religion (or lack thereof), sexuality, tax bracket, etc. aren’t obvious from looking at me. My skin is white which helps, but I’m a middle-aged woman. Those things aren’t a problem when I’m out with a group like this weekend.

Some live in fear especially the last year or so with the president inciting violence, threatening people’s lives and livelihoods. Those of us who aren’t in immediate danger would do well to remember and understand just what is happening. I’m not in constant fear of losing my shot at an organ transplant or one for my child. I’m not in constant fear of losing my job or home because I’m gay. I’m not in constant fear of being beaten for my skin color or sexuality. I’m lucky.

I’m working things through in my head, so please bear with me, but today I am reminded that I have the luxury of this time to think. Many don’t.

(Clarification: after working full time plus for 25 years I lost my job – twice – during the recession and was not able to find work. After being out for a couple of years I went back to school, and yes, I know how lucky I am to have been in a place where I could finish school.)

8 May 2017

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