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Terrorism In UK Drives POTUS Starkers

Trump as ISIL's top recruiter.

While the citizens of London work through the emotions of another terrorist attack, the President of the United States rushed to exploit the attack in bizarre ways. It’s one of the strangest episodes of Hate Speech, yet, with our host in irony meltdown.

Trump rants about guns and being politically correct.

45 points out that we’re not having a gun debate now (points for observation skill?) since the terrorists used knives and a truck to attack people in London. Gun laws in the UK make it difficult for terrorists to carry out their attacks using guns so they have to find other ways to hurt people, to incite terror. He somehow doesn’t realize that it’s a good thing their terrorists cannot easily get guns.

According to the President the courts took away people’s rights in the United States, and we need the courts to give them back. It’s difficult to know where to begin on this one so I’ll just remind the viewers at home that the Muslim Ban (“travel ban”) was started 27 January 2017 (the second was 7 March 2017 and was to go into effect on the 16th of March). The point of the ban was supposedly to give the administration until the 16th of March to review the already stringent vetting process for admitting immigrants and refugees into the United States. It’s June now so he has had more than enough time to review the process with or without the ban in place. The Ninth Circuit Court ruling the Muslim ban unconstitutional protected rights (by not allowing discrimination by religion); it did not take them away.  Besides, the ban only applied to countries that hadn’t sent terrorists here. Translation for Trump’s tweet:

“We need the courts to give us white people back our right to discriminate against brown people and especially Muslims so we can feel safe even though white Christians shoot/stab/blow us up a lot more than Muslims do.” – translation of DJT’s tweet (you’re welcome – and no, I didn’t translate his racial slurs though they are obviously implied in his hate speech)

Even after the president was briefed on the attacks he continued his crazy tweets, but this one might stand out to our viewers. It seems that our Hate Speech host believes the way to eliminate terrorism in the world is to put an end to political correctness. If we could just use racial slurs we’d be done with terrorism. Yay! right? right? Do you feel safer, yet?

Of course, he’s perfectly free to use racial slurs. Everyone is. Nobody is, however, free of the consequences of using hate speech. Even if there aren’t legal ramifications, spouting bigoted comments in front of others reveals one’s ignorance and overall douchebaggery. Personally, I appreciate it when individuals use such speech to let me know right away that they’re a piece of shit not worth my time or attention, no more useful to mankind than a wad of gum on the bottom of my shoe. I will argue, though, that freely expressing shitty, racist/sexist opinions doesn’t do anything to prevent hateful actions or allay fear; it might even create more fear. Isn’t the point supposed to be to decrease terror and prevent terrorism?

Meanwhile, the only audio on the subject of white nationalists in Portland and Maryland: crickets.

(Stay tuned for more from the Republican’s Incompetence Parade channel)

Link: “With his London tweets, Trump embarrasses himself — and America — once again” – by Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post

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