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But Her Emails: Make a Molehill Out of a Mountain

Capitol in ruins, but her emails!

Shouldn’t we be over this, by now? Adults are trying to have intelligent conversations about the very real problems we’re facing as a country, problems mostly either brought on by or exacerbated by our current government, and people have to jump in with variations on “but her emails.” Really? We’re still on about that?

Why are people still flipping out about Hillary Rodham’s carelessness with a private email server that she stopped using five years ago? Yes, someone might have gotten ahold of something secret or even top secret, but they didn’t. We know better now. She answered all the questions, didn’t plead the Fifth. The investigation is done.

The last we heard 45 is still using an unsecure personal phone. And that is besides it now being common knowledge that Trump himself and other members of the the current administration (even Flynn, Kushner, Nunez, etc.) aren’t concerned at all about security. We know which man in black carries The Case. Trump has state dinners out in the open at his club, tells whoever whatever he wants to which is suddenly okay because it’s declassified as soon as he opens his yap about something he shouldn’t.

People are still losing their minds about Clinton’s email server even though the whole thing has been quite thoroughly investigated. It is done. There was no criminal intent; there will be no charges. While they whine about Clinton’s old news they ignore the current, serious security issues unfolding in Trump’s administration. Almost every day. FFS, the man appears to be working for a foreign government. Seriously.

Scary point of view in this comic:

We have people still flipping out about the Clinton Foundation which hasn’t reported its donors properly, but isn’t in any kind of trouble (the last I checked, and I’ve been checking periodically since it continues to get attention). It’s more old news.

Meanwhile, Trump’s charities are investigated for various instances of fraud and wrong-doing. Trump himself says he’ll do donations he never does or takes credit for being a donor when he isn’t. Where is the freak-out over him using his charity to buy personal items? Where is the freak-out over Trump using $258,000 from his charity to pay legal bills for his for-profit businesses? Where’s the freak-out over Trump using charity money to make a political donation (apparently to make Bondi’s investigation go away)? Where’s the freak-out over Trump’s “pay to play” schemes? The New York attorney general’s office is investigating Trump’s charities now. Where is the freak out?

Oh, and the Trumpees love to flip out on Benghazi. There were at least eight investigations into Benghazi. Some of them were specifically set up to go after Hillary Rodham Clinton. All have been concluded: there was nothing she could have done based on what she knew, and “there simply was not enough time, given the speed of the attacks, for armed U.S. military assets to have made a difference.” After all these detailed investigations and clear results, it’s over.

Clinton being cleared of wrong-doing doesn’t make the loss of those four Americans (Stevens, Smith, Woods, and Doherty) in the terrorist attacks at America’s Benghazi diplomatic compound any less awful or any less of a loss to our country and to their families. It just means that the terrorists who killed them are to blame. Congress needs to fund security at our embassies/outposts better, but that’s not the Secretary of State’s fault. That’s on Congress. Clinton’s part in this? Old news.

Those mountains in the political cartoon? The ones in the back? They’re so old and worn down from traffic and reviews and investigations that they should be barely visible; they’re smooth bumps in an otherwise flat landscape. On the other hand, that comic should include a bold mountain range populated by lofty peaks of the wtf kinds of issues already plaguing Trump’s 137-day-old administration. They should be much bigger than they appear now especially to Congress.

We have a mountain growing every day from violations of the Emoluments Clause.

There is also Mount Nepotism.

Oh, and there is the mountain of suspicious signs and of evidence of Trump’s role in affecting his election including the FBI investigation that started last summer and 45’s request for a foreign government to “hack” the DNC’s emails, strange timing and all.

There is the mountain of suspicious behaviors and actions along with evidence that Russia has something on Trump, and that in turn he’s doing favors for Russia: changing Republican platform regarding anti-Russia stance on Ukraine, immediately setting out to ease sanctions against Russia, Kushner trying to set up communications with the Kremlin that were hidden from US intelligence, giving back their compounds, etc.

Then there is a big mountain right out front in the center now, shoving the others aside like they’re the Prime Minister of Montenegro: Mount Obstruction of Justice. In 1973, President Nixon fired the special prosecutor who was investigating the burglary that was found to be a part of the Watergate scandal. This lead to impeachment proceedings for obstruction of justice and abuse of power. Nixon resigned in August of 1974 to avoid being removed. Here we go again. Trump asked Comey to pledge loyalty to him. Comey replied with something along the lines of “nope.” Trump asked FBI director James Comey to end his investigation of Michael Flynn. Comey didn’t end the investigation. Trump fired him.

Trump’s proposed budget shows just who matters and who doesn’t. From military base closures and cuts to cuts in education, EPA, Health and Human Services, State Department, NASA, Energy, etc. Then he uses money savings as an excuse to hide White House visitor logs while he heads out for another golf trip to one of his own resorts courtesy of us, the taxpayers.

These Trumpees tell “liberals” they are sheep, chant the racist shit, parrot the stupid shit. They’d have to live in a cave at this point to not know the HRC talking points they have on repeat are not true. The sheep are still calling other people sheep as if they have valid counter points to offer (they might, but they don’t offer them – instead they whine “but Hillary” and “sheep” and “libtard”). They pass their loyalty test. One day, though, they’ll grow up and wish they’d chosen integrity over loyalty to the passing fad of stupid, worshiping ignorance. It’s sad that Trump (through his broker, President Bannon) has sold his soul and expects his followers to sell theirs, as well. Yes, I am assuming Trump ever had a soul. I’m also assuming American people still value integrity.

We have the mountain of open jobs that 45 can’t be bothered to fill in the government. Trump, while flipping out about national security (because of those scary brown people – /eyeroll), has filled 5 out of 53 top jobs at the Pentagon, and 2 out of 16 at the Department of Homeland Security. We have no FBI Director and no US Ambassador to London. We have no FEMA Director and no Director for NOAA even though we’re now in hurricane season. We have almost no U.S. attorneys, and the State Department is missing leaders at all levels. But then, time is short, and there’s golfing to do instead.

And he brought up the Muslim ban, part of his hate mountain (though it should probably be a wall or, at least, have a wall), again yesterday arguing that it’s necessary for safety. The problem with that is the ban was just to give him time (from January until 16 March) to review the vetting process for admitting immigrants and refugees into the United States. Even without the ban in place the time passed. If he didn’t review the vetting process with the time he had then perhaps he shouldn’t have spent so much time fucking off and golfing? Which brings up Golf Mountain and nearby Melania’s mountain of costs for living in New York on our dime.

Big one – First Amendment Mountain, tall and majestic in the middle of the range, really. Freedom of speech/religion/press being a basis for pretty much everything we can do, how we live, how we stay informed is, of course, one of his greatest issues. 45 loves to scream “fake news” any time someone points out what an asshat he is or that he’s incompetent or that he’s stupid, a danger to us and to himself. . . Every so often he claims he’s going to fix the amendment or that the media is the enemy of the people as if we’re dumb enough to believe that. Never mind. Some of his people really are that dumb.

There’s Trump’s growing mountain of security issues including him not understanding what is classified and why he can’t just go blabbing everything that pops into his head to impress people. That’s quickly becoming a problem for our allies all over the world. And for us because they can’t trust us anymore.

And how about that mountain of trump bots spouting exactly the Clinton talking points I mentioned above? Who is responsible for his army of computer supporters? Is this still Putin?

Trumpettes can argue “but her emails” all they like, but that is ancient history. The grown-ups don’t care. Meanwhile, Trump is acting suspicious. He’s unhinged, bullying and lying and lashing out. Yesterday he let loose a bunch of new unhinged tweets saying the opposite of everything he should in the wake of another terrorist attack in London.

I want to point out the clusterfuck of mountains he made on his trip to the middle east, to Vatican City, and to NATO especially his bizarre behavior to our allies. He didn’t even affirm Article 5. Our allies no longer feel they can depend on us, and they no longer share some classified information because 45 has shown he can’t keep a secret. He ignores issues at home (like the white supremacist attack in Portland) and scolds and bullies our allies while sucking up to dictators like Putin, Duterte, Erdogan, and Kim.

And the whole climate change thing. It was a done deal. Climate change is real; we know it. We agreed to the Paris Accord. 45 dumped it because why? because it happened during Obama’s presidency? People don’t want to go back on our word.

What does the president’s decision to back out of the Paris climate agreement mean? I mean, besides dropping the ball yet again, this time as a world leader in helping to combat climate change? The jobs, the clean energy, these are GOOD things.

Tweet from Scientific American with data on U. S. greenhouse gas emissions

Why aren’t Trumpees flipping the fuck out over all these issues? They are HUGE. They aren’t ancient history like Hillary’s stupid emails or Benghazi. They’re happening now. And they are a BFD. They are resign-the-position-and-hide-your-ugly-ashamed-face-in-Siberia-until-you-die big. (I figure since Siberia is in Russia, his buddy Putin will set him up)

And just to be sure they suck in as many ways as they possibly can, directly from this Time article: “A Republican congressman told his constituents that he believes God will ‘take care of’ climate change if it proves to be a ‘real problem.'” So, what is he there for? The unicorns in his shoes will take care of any real problems that pop up, right? Fuck that guy. No more gods in government. Seriously, no more. Not one more word. Let the adults take it from here.

(I count 17 bold mountains of serious concerns. How many did I miss?)

Link to original tweet from Scientific American

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