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How Far is Too Far?

Putin holding baby Trump.

The term “impeachable” offense has a new meaning of late. This week’s episode of Loose Lips is a crossover with Hate Speech.

45 has been violating the Emoluments Clause since the moment he swore to uphold the Constitution on the first day of his presidency. He’s admitted to obstructing justice. While his lawyers argue that his Muslim ban isn’t really a travel ban, he tweets that, yes, it most certainly is a ban. He behaves like a dictator and throws fits when he doesn’t get what he wants (often because he’s violating the Constitution – funny, that). He does almost everything wrong from cozying up to homicidal dictators to literally pushing allies around to cringe-worthy responses to terrorist attacks in allied countries. He doesn’t get it. Worse, he thinks he does. When he screws up he just keeps digging deeper. Just a few months in, the holes are already deep.

Comey makes a guest appearance with the Senate tomorrow. Obstruction of justice has already been identified. The president confirmed it himself. It’s no longer a question. Even with all these clear reasons the president has got to go, Congress has done nothing. It’s starting to look like the SNL skit was right. This man can do anything, no matter how stupid or how heinous and while these actions are most definitely impeachable offenses the term has no meaning until Congress acknowledges 45’s wrong-doing and starts proceedings. Why rush? Congress is using this time to gleefully (yes, that’s the word – watch some Ryan video clips – he’s having the time of his life fucking us all) remove our health insurance, raise our taxes, cut funding to education, the environment, our veterans, the poor, etc. Celebratory beers in the rose garden!

What will it take? Can we make it that long?

Trump tells it like it is, but uh, don't take him literally.
Trump tells it like it is, but uh, don’t take him literally. /facepalm

(Stay tuned to the Republican’s Incompetence Parade channel for updates)

Link: “James Comey Senate testimony: America braces for a historic political moment” – by Julian Borger at The Guardian

Link: “Baldwin returns to SNL as Trump: ‘I fired Comey because of Russia‘” – by Brook Seipel at The Hill (includes SNL video)

Link: “Why Trump’s embrace of Duterte is raising alarm” – by PBS

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