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Need To Work On Those Ratings

Trump fires hangman.

NumptyVision has big fun for fans of three shows this week!

We’re starting the week off with an exciting gossip edition of Loose Lips. One of the president’s friends (I know, right? I don’t think he has friends, either, just people who are still useful) says the President is considering dismissing special counsel Robert Mueller. Lots of morons on Twitter appear to be supporting this stupid idea, too. Their argument is if the president isn’t personally under investigation then why bother with the special counsel. If it’s not about him, we don’t need it! The problem there is that the special counsel was appointed to investigate Russia’s ties and interference in our election. It was never assumed that the President would be involved.

That said, 45 probably is under investigation by now anyway considering the whole Comey/obstruction of justice thing. It might not be by the special counsel, necessarily. What a gift it would be for 45 to give them more proof that he is absolutely obstructing justice, all gift-wrapped with a bow. How thoughtful.

And on Fuck You, I Got Mine we have a new law suit from the attorneys general of Maryland and the District of Columbia. At a news conference on Monday, D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine said, “Every time the president has spoken about drawing a line between his presidency and his businesses, he’s walked those promises back.” Is it possible that all these violations of the “emoluments” clauses in the Constitution will finally come back to bite 45? This is likely to be a fairly long story line, but I think it’ll be worth viewer’s time in the long run.

ACA vs AHCA time spent in debate and committees in the Senate.
(ACA vs AHCA time spent in debate and committees in the Senate.)

Meanwhile, Senate republicans still won’t release any information about the AHCA, but they continue to claim that tax bill replaces a health care bill. Maybe they have an awesome surprise for us? Maybe they’re going to magically transform that festering pile of dung into an actual health care bill in secret, closed meetings. Maybe they’ve finally gotten the message to fix the ACA because it is obviously the best plan so far. It’s bipartisan, after all. They could work together to improve it, finish what they all started together. It’s so fun guessing what they’ll do. It’s not as if our very lives are in their hands. And since the republicans have a sterling reputation for not being greedy, bigoted, wasteful. . . oh, wait. Best call your senators today and tell them which way you want the story arc to go. They are your employees.

This episode of Hate Speech has a bit of a twist. It starts with our host, 45, and his cabinet of Numpties all assembled for their first full cabinet meeting. There are news cameras all around the room. Our host starts out with the usual, lies about how much he’s doing – more legislation than any president before – blah blah – “ethics committee is difficult to deal with”‘ (duh, ya think? if you’re not living right. . .) – MAGA – is he actually celebrating/taking credit for a new coal mine opening?! – and taking credit for unemployment being low? da fuck?! – basically, the usual bullshit from our wannabedictator-in-chief. But then, and this is where the twist comes in, rather than screaming or whining about Mexican rapists and Muslim terrorists and how you gotta treat women like shit, he let the Numpties talk. Of course, they were taking turns showering him with praise, you know, like you do with a dictator running a meeting. Watch it at your own peril. I couldn’t stand it for long, rough on the ol’ gag reflex. Still, it was a break from his usual hate and lies about “ISIS” and “democrat obstructionists” and the like. You gotta change it up a little, boost those ratings.

(As of June 11, 59% of voters disapprove of the job Trump is doing as President, according to the Gallup daily tracking poll, while just 36% approve.)

(Will there by loyalty pledges as a result of that cabinet meeting? Were they all able to keep their nipples covered? and pants on? Stay tuned for updates from the Republican’s Incompetence Parade channel, aka NumptyVision)

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