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Total I Don’t Recall

Jeff Sessions cannot recall.

“It’s conceivable that it occurred. I just don’t remember it,” said Jeff Sessions on whether or not he met with any Russian officials at the Mayflower Hotel. These Russian and Ukranian guys didn’t strike me as forgettable, but then it seems that pretty much everything that happens around Sessions is forgettable. To him.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions apparently doesn’t take notes or communicate in writing, and that sets off an alarm for me when he also says “I don’t recall” or “not to my recollection” as his answer for most of the questions the committee asks of him. The other questions are answered with not gonna tell ya because “longstanding Department of Justice practice” and the like though he can’t provide any information about those “longstanding practices.” He doesn’t point to executive privilege or protecting classified information. He simply won’t say or does not recall.

If Attorney General of the United States, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, can’t count on his memory, and he clearly cannot, then he NEEDS to write things down. If the AG cannot confidently answer simple questions, we have a big problem.

There may be more posts as I’ve many concerns about this hearing including how none of it passes the smell test, how little information he is willing to share and how it appears he really doesn’t understand his job. He’s all indignant that people question whether or not he’s involved in something that very clearly did happen (Russian involvement in the election), and yet he remembers pretty much nothing he’s done while in office. Is it possible he was on drugs since around the first of the year? He remembers nothing but might have been involved, after all? What about “I’m protecting president’s constitutional right” while not invoking executive privilege? Which right, exactly, then?

Let me guess. He “doesn’t recall.”


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