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Nation Divided

Let no man pull you low enough to hate him. - Martin Luther King Jr.

The upcoming week includes a celebration of this country’s declaration of independence from England. It is the anniversary we chose for the beginning or birth of this nation. We gather together with friends and family to celebrate our freedoms and responsibilities as beautiful, diverse members of a whole.

For more than a year Americans have been pushing back against nationalism, against a party and a movement attempting to divide the country. We’ve been resisting that party’s suggestions of violence and hate and reminding those among us who lose hope that we are still a country founded on equality and freedom. Our Constitution remains, for the time being, and it is there to protect us from thieves, extremists, and theocrats in our government.

Around us, our representatives and leaders shirk their responsibilities to us and degrade our standing in the world, but we are still Americans. We’ll ignore their suggestions of violence and patiently remind them of what our taxes are to be used for: the protection and well-being of the people of this nation, all of us, regardless of color or religion or gender or sexuality. They want us divided in the hope that we won’t see their grubby little hands in our community till, but we see, and we will continue to speak out until our elected representatives straighten up and do what they’re paid to do.

Ignore the disgusting call to arms from those who will make us all “they.” The NRA does not represent average, responsible, caring Americans. It represents greedy liars and extremists. That commercial is meant to whip up white extremists with anger and fear so they’ll buy guns. Seriously, that’s what they want, and they’re willing to incite violence, suggest terrorism, to sell these guns. The ad attempts to discredit our media, our schools, our police, and suggests that people peacefully demonstrating to protect their freedoms are wrong. Weren’t they just lying about “Obama coming to take your guns” and reminding people about their rights? Well, that’s done now. Rights are only for the “right.” It will likely lead to more violence, more hate, but do not let that bring you low. Do not lose hope. We will get the government back from big business and religion. We will get it back from the kakistocracy. We will restore our constitutional republic. Peacefully.

There is likely nothing we can do about the propaganda, and some of our neighbors will fall for it, but they are outliers. We stand united for the common good. One day those who have fallen for the propaganda (and haven’t done violence against us) may snap out of it and join society again. Until then continue to speak out and to demonstrate peacefully against the corruption, against oligarchy. Know that we are with you. We are you. Do not let them pull you low. You have the Constitution and the People behind you.

E pluribus unum.

Love your country. Love what we stand for: equality, freedom, cooperation, opportunity, responsibility. Love us, the people, not some idea about supremacy or separation. Love who we are, each of us, and how we all fit in to the whole, how each of us is an important part of our chunk of land and of the world. And when you hear words of those who try to divide you, maintain your discipline and your dignity, and remember Martin Luther King and the mark he left on our nation. He was one man. He was one part of our whole, and we are better for his part.

“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality.” – Martin Luther King Jr. (1964)

Call your Senators often. Remind them of how you want them to represent you. That’s our money we want used to insure us. The rich don’t need it; they have a lot already. Remind them you want affordable health insurance, responsible gun laws, environmental protections, strong public schools, no religion in government, fair immigration laws, etc. Remind them: (202) 224-3121.

E pluribus unum – out of many, one.

Link: Disgusting New NRA Commercial – watch at your own risk

“Let no man pull you low enough to hate him.” – Martin Luther King Jr., sermon on 4 Nov. 1956.


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