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If Something Means Anything

Lincoln quote: "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

America is not “great.” It’s never been great.

This whole America thing seems like a journey, mostly forward but with occasional steps backward. As a group, we’re headed toward a goal of being “great.” We don’t all agree on what “great” is, and we’ve never achieved it – we’re far from it – but we still keep moving generally forward. Obviously, we’re in a “steps backward” phase, but it won’t last. It can’t. Right?

The problem I have right now, and I am sure I am not alone, is that it feels like our feet have been sucked into thick mud. I cannot pick up a foot to move it forward again, but at the same time, something (guess who? GOP?) is gradually tilting the Earth under us so that we slide slowly backward in this mud. Are we truly helpless to move forward? Why do I feel alone in my plight?

Thank you, Stephen Colbert and John Oliver, for saying what needs to be said. Days now. Nothing from our spineless Congress. WTF? This clip is important, what they say, the points they make. It’s seven or eight minutes well-spent:


It feels lately like we’re in that car that’s over the guardrail on Dead Man’s Curve, but nobody else is all that concerned about the situation. People are speaking up, but the driver is not listening. Can he not see what is happening?

This is fucking HUGE. This should be the only thing we talk about. It’s as if I’m the only one freaking out. News stories tell of collusion, corruption, Emoluments Clause violations, intimidation of voters, obstruction of justice. Evidence, incontrovertible evidence, piles up. Meanwhile, there are casual discussions on twitter interspersed with questions like mine of “Hello? Is anyone out there? Are we going to do something? What are we paying you for?” Trump and his cronies go along, tweeting lies and ignorant shit like this day, this week, are exactly the same as any other since the nightmare kicked into high gear last November. They still have their security clearances. They still have the checkbook. They still speak for us, leer at Brigitte Macron, grab people, back out of deals, as our representatives. Will there be consequences? Does the Constitution mean any fucking thing?


Rep. Adam Schiff's statement today.
Rep. Adam Schiff’s statement today which was included in this tweet: “If former intel officer present (at meeting with Russian lawyer last June), even more damning. Regardless Kremlin got clear message that Trump campaign welcomed its help. . .

We’re still getting more information pretty much every day, but it doesn’t feel like the information matters. It feels like we’re getting nowhere.

This isn’t a little thing. As John Oliver said in that clip (and why I titled the post the way I did):

“This is something as long as we live in a world where something means anything, and I’m not sure we do anymore. You know, it seems serious, but do we live in a world devoid of consequences now? I forget where we are in human history.”

If it means nothing, if this is just where we are now, we’re done for as a country. I will NOT give up without a fight.

Tweet from Nancy Sinatra responding to Schiff's statement: Wish it were possible to use this info to remove this administration from our White House. We seem to be stuck in an irreversible quagmire.

(edited evening 14 July 2017 to include link to Topher Spiro’s tweet – didn’t want to lose it in the chaos as the letter is important)

Link to original tweet of video from Bill Voecks

Link to original tweet from Rep. Adam Schiff

Link to original tweet from Nancy Sinatra

Link to a tweet by Topher Spiro that includes a joint letter to Mitch McConnell from two insurance companies urging the Senate to remove the “Consumer Freedom Option” from the BRCA

Link: “Ivanka and Jared begin the plunge from grace” – by Eugene Robinson at The Washington Post

Link: “Now Eric Trump is Accused of Stealing from a Cancer Charity” – by Josh Hoxie at Newsweek

Link: “Trump’s case for his border wall gets quite a bit stranger” – by Steve Benen at MSNBC

Link: “Republicans Really Want You to Die Faster” – The Rude Pundit

Link: Enough Chances – E. Brooks, May 2017, Gray Matters

Link: Times of Universal Deceit – E. Brooks, June 2017, Gray Matters

Capper: Here’s an interesting tweet with video from Holly O’Reilly. Pence’s spokesperson was asked three times if Pence has been in meetings with Russians. The questions were ignored. It’s yet another case where if the answer is “no” it would be easy to just say “no.” He didn’t say it.:

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