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About those leaks. . .

“As to the leaking, I think it really is a disservice to the president this happened. Can you imagine being President of the United States having a conversation with a foreign leader and that conversation being divulged to the media? It’s not fair to President Trump.”Lindsey Graham of SC

First, let’s get this out of the way: I find myself not even a little concerned about being fair to Donald J. Trump. Not anymore. He squandered all of his chances with me long before he was elected. Fuck him. Fuck his hate. Fuck his nasty, ignorant, hateful followers, too. All 33% of them.

Second, other than Trump himself, who has leaked classified information?

Third, Trump works for us. If he doesn’t like it, the fool should never have applied. The free press also works for us. A big part of their job is to report to us on what our employees, the president, the vice president, congress people, etc. are doing on our behalf, how they vote, who they talk to, what they say. It is absolutely our business.

Fourth, Trump and the rest of the GOP really, really want us all to shut up, to not believe our free press, to fall in line. They want to erode our belief in our rights and our system of government. Well, this isn’t going to work out for the fascists/nazis/kleptocrats in office because the United States is a democratic republic. They can put white nationalists and theocrats and all manner of filth into our White House, but that will not convince us to dump the Constitution and hand over control to greedy hate-mongers like Putin, Bannon, or Trump.

Fifth, nice people made the best Nazis, nice, quiet, agreeable people who didn’t speak up about injustice, incompetence, inequality. Silence is the voice of complicity. Speak up! It’s our government. It belongs to all of us.

I do understand the concern over sharing transcripts – one more time, that is not leaking; they are not classified – but this president has shown himself to be incompetent and deeply stupid. Our “leader” is driven by greed and hate and lives in an alternate reality, a fantasy land devoid of facts and consequences, yet he represents us. Americans have good reason to be concerned about literally every thing he does and says on our behalf. Until he can show that he represents our interests, we need to be able to see everything. Every. Single. Thing.

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution

The president can’t piss all over our rights and freedoms and think we’re just going to look away.

Just in the past few weeks our government is going after the First Amendment, immigration, minorities (especially related to college entrance and immigration), health care/insurance, and our Senators have gotten mob-style threats from others in government if they don’t vote the party line instead of representing their constituents. Trump and his administration have insulted the military (and our transgender members of the military), the White House itself, the history of Lady Liberty. Trump himself lies about everything down to the alleged call from the Boy Scouts of America after his disgusting and embarrassing Hitlerjugend-style display at their camp. This is besides his lies about coaching Jr. on lies to cover up his Russian dealings and 45 taking part in bringing fake news propaganda to the media specifically to mislead the People. Congress had to introduce bills to impose sanctions on Russia, to revoke security clearance on Kushner, and to protect Robert Mueller and his investigation. Our own Congress has to introduce legislation specifically to keep our president from more treasonous acts and from further obstructing justice. Let that sink in.

They can take their “leaks” and shove them. The only “leaker” we have is the president, and He. Works. For. Us. He needs supervision, and we’re going to do just that.

Link: “‘This deal will make me look terrible’: Full transcripts of Trump’s calls with Mexico and Australia” – by Greg Miller, Julie Vitkovskaya, and Reuben Fischer-Baum at The Washington Post

Link: “Why Leaking Transcripts of Trump’s Calls Is So Dangerous” – by David Frum at The Atlantic

Link: “Even President* Trump Can’t Get the Best of a Grand Jury; Robert Mueller just opened up a new stage of the Russia investigation.” – by Charles P. Pierce at Esquire

Link: What The Fuck Just Happened Today?

Link: ( video) Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, … leaking is a “disservice to the president.”

Trump as leaky spigot cartoon by Adam Zygus

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