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Slippery Slope: Told You So

We started down the slippery slope of ignorance ages ago, but this one should be fresh in our minds. Remember that con where the grifter sells you, the mark, an afterlife you pay for with “tithe” money your entire life? the one where you don’t find out that it was a con until you die and can’t do anything to get your money/quality of life back (because you’re dead and there is no afterlife)? a life you wasted following ever-changing rules of a “vengeful” and “jealous god?”

Why people choose to follow a moody shitbag like that is beyond me. . .

That protection money you pay to the Church is tax-free for them, and they can spend it on jet airplanes, jewelry, luxurious homes and churches, mistresses, child porn, anything their greedy little hearts desire. It’s the perfect scam, really. Thankfully, some of us aren’t selfish cunts or we’d all be trying to run the same scam on our neighbors. Well, check this out: “Texas Churches Are Suing FEMA for Excluding Them in Disaster Relief Grants,” and they’re using that Supreme Court decision (Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer) I talked about in my Slippery Slope post to justify it.

Yes, I used the “c” word. Yes, it applies as I’ve had enough of religion and religion’s tomfuckery with Osteen trying to get out of helping flood victims even though they paid for his church and all of his luxuries. Enough of the religion scam and churches trying to take taxpayer money to keep people ignorant and compliant, to tell them who to vote for or they go to an imaginary place of fire. Enough of using religion to justify removing women’s health care options. Enough of religion telling us who can or cannot marry. Enough of religion that tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves being used to deport our DREAMers. Enough of religion being used to govern in the United States, a place of First Amendment rights and protections. Enough of religion telling us there is something wrong with us because we don’t believe in their stupid fairies and invisible friends.


Churches have plenty of money from their scams. They don’t need tax/FEMA funds, too.


Have your religion and your fairies and your shitty laws and your hate and your greed. I want nothing to do with it. I don’t want to have to see it.


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