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Halloween 2017: Candy From A Baby

I'm going as a Republican for Halloween this year.

So, it turns out DJT Jr. has a child. I know, right?! Free country. . . not sure what the mother was thinking, someone for everyone I guess (assuming Jr.’s not rapey like the old man) . . . but anyway, Jr. posted a picture of his little girl. With that photo, the president’s son tells us he’s going to take half of his child’s candy as a lesson to this young person. Why can’t he just take a couple of pieces as part of “checking the candy” like I. . . I mean. . . the rest of the asshole parents? You know, the Mom/Dad tax? but half? to teach a child who’s far too young to grasp economics? Oh, well. His kid, his lesson, but he’s definitely an asshole. And not a very bright one. Someone explain to fucking moron Jr. how socialism actually works, please. His daughter is dressed as a police officer so, theoretically, he might be able to grasp it.

Tweet from DJT Jr.: I’m going to take half of Chloe’s candy tonight & give it to some kid who sat at home. It’s never to early to teach her about socialism.

As a wealthy American who doesn’t need more, what Jr.’s actually going to teach her is that he can take whatever he wants for whatever reason. He, a person with no need is taking from an innocent, powerless child who has little and who has no immediate prospects for more; he’s teaching her that Republicans are assholes.

Some of my favorite responses to Jr’s tweet:

Going house to house asking for a hand out isn’t teaching her to ask for a hand out? #blessyourlittleheart

Why not give half a thought to the less fortunate? It’s never too late for adults to learn not to be smug about being born on third base.

I gave all my candy to the first rich, white trick or treater. I then told all the other kids that on average everyone got one piece.


I’m going to send my kid out with her bag already full and tell her she earned it so she can learn about arrogance and privilege.


There is an important life lesson that a child Chloe’s age can grasp here, but even her father has not learned it, yet. Chloe is at a huge disadvantage just by being born to him in this regard. I hope her mom is a better person than her dad is. Good luck to you little Chloe.

If you are more fortunate than others, it is better to build a longer table than a taller fence.


Link to original post from DJT Jr.

Link to original tweet from KarriB.

Link to original tweet from Bill Kristol.

Link to original tweet from Red T Raccoon.

Link to original tweet from Clark Gregg.

Link to tweet with informative video from Tom Steyer (approximately three minutes).

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