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Work On That Pitch

Sales is a tough field even when you’ve been at it long enough to have a good pitch. It’s one of my weaknesses; I won’t sell something to someone who doesn’t need it or cannot afford it. I can’t. As soon as I’ve determined a potential customer’s needs and realize my company’s products are not the right fit, I won’t even pitch a product. To me, it’s wrong to ask for a sale if that person isn’t going to be completely thrilled with what I have to offer. I tell them why what I have won’t work for them. You’d be surprised how many people left knowing I’d been honest and sent the right customers to me instead.

Members of the Resistance, the group of people who are actively working to get the current administration out and restore order and Constitutional government to the United States Of America, have been working literally day and night since before the election. Goals vary from one individual to another – some just want Trump out, some want him rotting in prison, others want to see as much of his damage undone as possible, functioning government for The People back in place, checks and balances restored, greedy Republicans under control – but everyone can agree we’re in a bad place, and it’s getting worse. If I’m completely honest, though, as bad as it is I thought we’d be even worse off than we are now 11 months in.

Things are not going well no matter who you voted for, and let’s face it, ranting on the internet is kind of what people do. How many blogs and social media posts aren’t just ideas with points but also rants to get something off the writer’s chest? The clip above is a post from a private group on Facebook. It’s not a Resister group, exactly, but rather a group of diverse, intelligent women all over the country who did not vote for Trump, and who are sharing laughs and trying to make sense of all sorts of things. I asked the poster what they suggest we do that we’re not already doing. I think I caught her off guard.

The posts below are part of a similar series, and it’s a common theme I’m seeing lately (rant on what is wrong but no new/helpful suggestions). Every time I see it I ask “what do you suggest we do that we’re not already doing?”

The Resistance is:

  • Non-violent.
  • Calling our lawmakers (Congress, FCC, etc.) daily, emailing, sending postcards, visiting lawmakers’ offices, whatever we’re able to do as individuals, to tell them what we want and what we do not want on the issues we face in this country.
  • Educating/spreading the word about candidates (almost exclusively Democrats as far as I can tell, but good ones like Doug Jones). I understand that runforsomething.net is a neat resource for people who are considering running for office.
  • Getting people to vote. Remind them why it’s so important, what is at stake.
  • Sharing news, information, memes, articles, checking each other’s work, etc. both in person and on social media, to keep people informed about the issues and the law. For instance, what will we do if Mueller is fired? (there’s a meeting place, check yours) Who all do we need to contact and how on the net neutrality issue, etc.?
  • Marching and demonstrating to call attention to issues of equality, affordable health care and education, DACA, environment, gun control, no hate, all the current issues, as well as working to get the president out of office – think Women’s March. I believe the next big one is 20 January 2018. These need to be huge, and they need to be peaceful to get our message across.
  • Reminding others to make calls, to take part, to get involved however they can.
  • Support for our politicians who do represent us, for our free press, for all the organizations who fight for equal rights and for the little guy, and for the people investigating the conspiracy with Russia. We want to be sure the truth is available when people are ready to learn it.
  • Support for each other in rough times. This is hard. This sucks. We shouldn’t have to call every single day begging our lawmakers to do their jobs. But someone has to. We keep each other focused, help each other loosen up, laugh, keep each other from burning out. The Twitter people are amazing if you don’t already have friends helping you. #Resist #Resistance

As a member of the Resistance I’m not just telling you what I don’t want, I’m telling you what I do want, AND I’m asking you to take action. Like any sales pitch I need to wrap it up by asking you for what I want you to do. Call your Congress person and tell them you want this thing or that, and here’s the phone number: 202-224-3121. Please vote for the better candidate, Doug Jones or whoever it is in your area. You get the idea. I have no problem with this pitch because I believe in what I’m doing. I know we’re in big trouble, and I am confident that what we’re doing is the way to get out of this mess and begin the clean-up.

These rants people are posting might make them feel better; I don’t know. They aren’t helping, though. They’re not asking you to do something, and they are suggesting all this shit we do – and it’s a lot, consumes most of our “free time” and for some, much of our family time – isn’t enough. We all do what we can. They tell us what we’re doing isn’t enough, and they can’t wait. . . for? for Congress to impeach? for the 2018 elections? for the results of Mueller’s investigation?

So I ask again, “what do you suggest we do that we’re not already doing?

Come right out and tell me because I am literally doing everything I can. I miss my life, but I need this fixed so my son can have his life. I hope. I’m giving up some of my now in the hopes there will be a future, especially for him, but for everyone’s kids.

The implication is all this shit millions of us are doing isn’t enough. What do they want? Violence? Are these people suggesting civil war or something? because that is a terrible idea, and it’s exactly what the Republicans are hoping will happen. 45’s been working on division and pushing for violence from Day One of his campaign. It will do nothing for our causes, for either “side,” and it will give that horrid excuse for a president carte blanche. They’ve been looking for enemies to fight, for us to fight each other, while the Resistance is trying to get people to unite to fix our problems. Don’t give them what they want. It’ll just be another distraction so we don’t see them stealing what is left from us.

The “right” already get all stupid with their “Antifa” boogie monster even though nobody has pictures of this imaginary creature (other than some photoshopped ones from Europe). They blame this “Antifa” for all sorts of violence even though there is no evidence, no photos, no victims, no credible news stories. I can only assume the “alt-right” (as the Nazis call themselves these days according to Spencer) made them up so they could have an enemy to point at while they wait for their civil war to get going.

If these rants don’t mean civil war, do they mean violence against the oligarchs? This is America, and we don’t do assassinations. Well, not anymore, anyway. We heard of that stuff from nutty conservatives back in the 60’s, but we don’t stoop to that level now. That is exactly the stuff the Resistance is fighting against. We’re looking to restore our government by The People, for The People while the president works to make himself an all-powerful dictator over poor, helpless masses. That won’t fly in the USA, and we’re working to be sure it stays that way.

Be angry if you want, but don’t be angry at Resisters. Don’t tell us we’re not doing enough. We voted. This isn’t our fault. We did our part. We keep doing our part, fighting for all of us every day. Too bad if you’re sick of us constantly reminding you to call your Congress people and vote and all that. You think we want this? We shouldn’t have to tell you. If you’re already doing all this every day, too, and you’re still upset with someone, be upset with the people who couldn’t be bothered to vote. We had an excellent option; all they had to do was get off their asses and vote for her.

Rant if you want, but think about what you’re saying first, and be sure you’re doing everything you can before you tell the rest of us we’re not doing enough, that it’s taking too long. Peaceful resistance is of utmost importance if we ever want to get out of this mess. Ask for action in your pitch so you don’t give anyone the wrong idea. Consider what is already being done before you call for someone to “DO SOMETHING!” like our idiot president did in one of his many Twitter meltdowns. Be more responsible and thoughtful than what we’re fighting against or you’re no better than they are.

I know it’s taking a long time, but that’s how government is. They only way out of this is through.

Link: Only Love – by E. Brooks at Gray Matters. Love, not hate, can get us back on track.

Link: Through – by E. Brooks at Gray Matters. The only way out is through.

Link: Never Trust A Republican – by E. Brooks at Gray Matters.

#WorkOnThatPitch #OnlyLove #Through #EPluribusUnum

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