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Can’t Even

I despise that phrase: “I can’t even.” Surely, we can think of something else, some better way, to get that idea across? Then this past week or so happens. Since my son’s wedding at the end of May, things have been non-stop. I’m having a harder time than usual processing it all. Each time I think I’ve gotten a handle on the stupid and the wrong and the lies, the shocking images that come across my feed in the news, three more things pop up. The point is to wear us out and wear us down. I know that. Up until this week, I could mostly stay on top of it. This week? Well, I can’t even.

The memes cover it best, I think, and they keep us from crying and throwing our hands up. So mostly this post is memes while I try to. . . um. . . even? The featured meme above is made from the G7 photo of DJT sitting in a chair in front of the other world leaders, his arms folded, wearing his “petulant child” expression. 45 managed one hell of a feat at this summit; he pissed off Canada. Just think on that for a moment. Roll it around on your tongue. He’s hitting them with new, huge tariffs, and he insulted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and our allies. Again. There’s more on all that, but, well, I can’t even.

Then, an unprepared 45 was off to Singapore to grant Kim Jong-Un’s every desire, seemingly on a whim, apparently asking nothing in return. After the men met, 45 said he trusts Kim that *this* time he’ll surely maybe sort of think about keeping fewer nuclear weapons around North Korea. And if it turns out to be another lie or empty promise? What if the president’s wrong to trust Kim? “I may be wrong, I mean I may stand before you in six months and say, ‘Hey I was wrong,'” said Trump, before adding, “I don’t know that I’ll ever admit that, but I’ll find some kind of an excuse.”

That is NOT an Onion quote. It’s real. Tell me. Be honest. Can you even?

And how about the Draft-Dodger-in-Chief who is so horrible to our own people, to our veterans, to our allies, to immigrants, sucking up to the homicidal North Korean dictator and fucking saluting one of their generals?!

I. . . can’t.

There’s more including a ruling from the Supreme Court that will help out those who want to suppress votes by using voter purges.

It’s Pride month, but the current regime can’t be bothered to recognize that, of course.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, when asked today about separating children from their parents, lied that ‘it’s very biblical to enforce the law.’ By the way, it’s not law to separate members of families at the border, and the U.N. human rights office is on it. It also didn’t get past me that SHS used her “holy” book to justify the lie about terrorizing these families. We must, once again, remind these superstitious freaks to keep their invisible friends and their holy shit, their religions and myths, out of our government.

New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood brought a lawsuit today against 45 and his Foundation which includes three of his children: Ivanka, Jr., and Eric.

Manafort is supposedly off to jail tomorrow. Tomorrow is also the date that the review must be completed for all of the documents seized from Michael Cohen.

The bots and loonies are out in force, and their overarching goal, for now, seems to be to spin the new report by the Justice Department’s inspector general, aka “The Horowitz Report” so that people don’t believe what it really says.

So I’ll ask: can you? Can you even?! That’s what I’m saying.

Link: “DOJ Report Confirms That the President Is a Dishonest Conspiracy Theorist” – by Eric Levitz at NY Mag

Link: “20 People From Famous Paintings Who Literally. Can’t. Even.” – by Katherine Brooks (no relation) at Huffington Post

Link: Something Is Better Than Nothing – by E. Brooks of Gray Matters

Link: Do What You Can – by E. Brooks of Gray Matters

Link to original Tweet from OhNoSheTwitnt.

Link to original Tweet from Hillary Rodham Clinton.

(Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! for bearing with me as I try to even. Your time is so precious to me. Thanks for sharing it.)

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