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Trump is in London today, Friday the 13th, where Brits have huge crowds for wonderfully creative protests of 45’s visit. I particularly appreciated the Dalek with the toupée and the photos of 45 with Queen Elizabeth of England. She clearly doesn’t enjoy some of her duties as queen. These people could renew my hope all on their own, but then. . .

Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein announced more charges today for 12 Russian military intelligence officers. This will be interesting as Trump is set to meet (possibly alone) with Putin in a few days. Okay, that’s scary, but at least he didn’t leave NATO this week.

Speaking of which, the president did have an embarrassing showing at the NATO Summit, but that is what we expected. At least he didn’t shove any leaders around that we know of. And like I said, he didn’t leave NATO. Yet.

Yesterday’s “hearing” with FBI Agent Peter in the House of Representatives was another clusterfuck, but this time it is all on the GOP. They made it clear they have no interest in dealing with serious issues like Russia’s interference in our government. The good news is, they’re not hiding it anymore. They looked exactly like the ignorant asses they are, even pressing this guy about an affair seemingly unaware of the hypocrisy of trying to nail this Strzok but not 45. That they’re not even a little concerned with hiding their ignorance, hypocrisy, and corruption makes me more confident that it’ll be possible to get them out. It’s as if they WANT to be fired.

It doesn’t hurt that we learned from the indictments today that congressional candidates were receiving stolen documents from Russian intelligence. We can’t ignore that now, can we?

Manafort’s request to delay his day in court backfired spectacularly when the court moved him from the private cell where he was “treated like a VIP” to detention in Alexandria where he’ll be close to his legal team. Gosh. That’s too bad.

Kidnapped migrant children under the age of five years old were supposed to be returned to their parents by Tuesday, and that didn’t happen, but we are seeing in the news that the right people – other than our own government, of course – are working hard on this including lawyers, the NAACP, and ACLU. This is a good time to donate to these organizations that are doing important work.

The new SCOTUS pick, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, is scary, but it’s not a done deal. It’s still in the news. People are staying focused, digging up dirt, lies, previous decisions that show us who he really is.

With so many loving and intelligent and creative people around us, we WILL get through this. In hard times, I’m grateful for humanity, for what binds us together. Our hard work and our love for each other will keep us strong and get us through this, and the world is showing us a LOT of love and support today. Take it in and give some back.

(Love you all. We are going to be fine. We just need to stay alert and engaged. Keep calling your representatives in government. Have a great weekend!)

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Link: “Mueller probe indicts 12 Russians with hacking Democrats in 2016” – bDevlin Barrett and Matt Zapotosky at The Washington Post

Link: Through – by E. Brooks at Gray Matters

Link: Only Love – by E. Brooks at Gray Matters

I have been unable to find who to credit for the Trump Baby Balloon / Hindenberg Photoshop. If you know who did it, please let me know so I can give credit where it’s due.

I did the graphic work to change the description of the scene in the Fox News chyron (photo of Merkel and 45), but the original photo is not mine.

The Trump Dalek is from 12 July 2018, taken on the streets of London, credit to Mashable.

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