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That figure we’ve been insisting members of the regime back up? The “4000 people from terrorist list stopped” figure coming from the White House?

It’s actually six. Six people. So. . . they rounded up?

And how about that statement from Sarah Sanders this weekend,

“We know that roughly, nearly 4,000 known or suspected terrorists come into our country illegally, and we know that our most vulnerable point of entry is at our southern border, nearly 4,000 known or suspected terrorists that CPB picked up that came across our southern border.”

– Sarah Huckabee Sanders, in an appearance on “Fox and Friends” last Friday

Using these figures, as we suspected, that thing about the southern border being our most vulnerable point of entry? That’s a lie, too. The number at our northern border? 41.

So why is our government, our “president,” screaming and whining for a wall at the other border? Why is he screwing over Federal workers AND the economy by closing the government for a big, fat lie?

I mean it. WHY? Is this another distraction? This racism and these atrocities are just a distraction? from something even worse?!

We don’t need a wall. We need the “president” and the GOP OUT. Now. Yesterday.

He painted a fantasy world of manly, white men and white homes and white picket fences going to their high-paying, white jobs to his racist and sexist followers. Promises, promises, to the bigots of America. First Mexico was going to pay for a wall. Then Mexico was going to pay us back for a wall we build. Now the Toddler-In-Chief has closed the government until he gets his way and the American People pay for a wall, a new monument to hate, on the southern border. He’s raving about a crisis and threatening to declare a state of emergency over a lie.

The fool has painted himself into a corner, but there will be no wall, no more ugliness.

No more lies. No more hate. No Wall. EVER.

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Link: “Only six immigrants in terrorism database stopped by CBP at southern border in first half of 2018: The low number contradicts statements by Trump administration officials.” – by Julia Ainsley at NBC

Link: “Sanders repeats claim on terrorists at the border refuted by administration’s own data” – by Holly Rosenkrantz at CBS

Link: “Trump threatens national emergency in ‘next few days’ over wall and shutdown” – by David Taylor and Martin Pengelly at The Guardian

Link: Cross the Line? – by E. Brooks of Gray Matters – DJT calls his government closure a “strike” when, in fact, it’s the opposite of a strike. The line is drawn. We cannot take any more steps backward as a nation. No wall.

Link: Summer Camp – by E. Brooks of Gray Matters – timeline on matters related to atrocities at southern border, and my growing concern about just how similar all of this is to the events that lead to World War II.

Link: Good People – by E. Brooks of Gray Matters

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