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Pace Yourself

I’m not going to beg. We’re all adults; I shouldn’t have to.

But I am going to remind everyone how we got in this hole in the first place, how it keeps getting deeper, pulling the nation further down. Too many Americans made up their minds, often based on lies and propaganda, and then wouldn’t budge. Too many could not accept new information. Some couldn’t accept it when their candidate didn’t win nomination. We have something like 22 months left until we vote. The election process shouldn’t have to drag on this long, but as long as we let our system stay as it is, this is how it’ll be.

Hell, we don’t even know who all is running yet. They’re doing their exploratory stuff, traveling to a few states, listening to people. . .

Side note: Am I the only one who is annoyed that every one of them has to, in every speech or conversation, fit in this generic occupation from random city and state, . . . thing? on repeat? “I hear from a pipefitter in Davenport, Iowa, and a doctor in Henderson, Nevada, a soldier in Spring Lake, North Carolina, . . .” Do people listen for the candidate to say their occupation and city or something? “A professional killer in Grosse Pointe, Illinois, a repossessor in Los Angeles, an English teacher in Vermont, a law clerk in Hinkley, California, etc.” WTF is that? Is it a way to fill time while they come up with the next politician thing they want to jam in? If they randomly pick my occupation and city will I think they are talking to me and suddenly decide they’re THE candidate regardless of their plans, platform, or party?

. . . The vetting process and debates haven’t begun. It’s way too early to choose a hill to die on. Keep your mind open. Don’t just listen for facts, pursue them. Dig for truth, for facts, for context. Check what you hear. Even if it agrees with what you want to be true, check it anyway. And if you, even for a moment, consider voting for a third party candidate either quit the USA or set out to learn why voting third party in this country is utterly stupid.

The current regime is evidence, if you didn’t already know, that facts matter. Our decisions, our votes, matter.

This is just the start. If you’re already spent, already so invested in a person or an idea that you can’t hear or entertain any other possibilities, you’re setting yourself up for some rough days. Accept that the person you think would be best might not even run at all. There will be many people running. Some will be eliminated early. Some will stay in longer, but eventually, there’ll just be a couple of people running for each position from president on down. Be prepared for the possibility – the high likelihood – that the people who end up running on your party’s ticket aren’t perfect in your eyes. Be prepared to get the facts you need to make adult decisions between two imperfect people in each race. One of them is going to speak for you. Take your time, and choose wisely.

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Link: Lesser Evil – by E. Brooks of Gray Matters

Link: Representative Government – by E. Brooks of Gray Matters

TL;DR: pace yourself. We’ve almost two years until the next presidential election. A LOT can happen, a lot can change, between now and then.

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