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Hysteria, My Ass

To all of you who said we were hysterical about Trump: fuck you.

To all of you who said we were hysterical about the continuous and ongoing attacks on the Affordable Care Act: fuck you.

To all of you who said we were hysterical about Kavanaugh’s appointment: fuck you.

If outlawing abortion was about protecting life, then women could choose to save their own lives via safe, legal, and private abortion.

If outlawing abortion was about protecting life, then fertility clinics would not be able to dispose of any zygotes, and ALL of them would have to be implanted. Employees would be criminally liable for any zygote that didn’t fully develop.

If these people cared about life like they say, if a zygote is a person, then just the attempt at making and carrying a child would carry serious legal consequences for all involved. With the laws they propose, a zygote that is created but does not turn out to be viable could lead to manslaughter charges for both parents (and possibly the doctor). They’re already putting some miscarriage provisions in. This is were it leads. Do not kid yourself.

If these people cared about life, they’d be competing for who can have the most restrictive gun safety and gun control laws.

If these people cared about life, they’d be falling over themselves and each other to fund education, school breakfasts and lunches, healthcare, and pre-school programs.

If these people cared about life they would be clamoring for EPA regulations for clean air, soil, and water. They’d be finding ways to properly and generously care for our veterans and for our disabled citizens.

If these people cared about life, they’d recognize that sometimes a person is raped, maybe even a child, and that can lead to pregnancy. That person needs to have the option of ending the pregnancy without anyone else’s input or interference.

If these people cared about life, they’d recognize that sometimes a pregnancy goes wrong, and it must be ended or tissue removed to prevent infection, to protect the mother or the surviving twin, to save a life. That person must have the option of getting whatever medical care is needed without anyone else’s input, permission, or interference.

If these people cared about life, they’d recognize there are people all over the world fleeing violence and poverty. They’d be reaching out to do their part to help those precious human beings who need.

If these people cared about life they wouldn’t be separating families, jailing people for seeking asylum, or throwing immigrants – including children – into concentration camps. Instead of ignoring and abusing living, breathing human beings, denying their basic rights, they’d be going out of their way to find a way to help.

If these people cared about life, they’d celebrate that choice is freedom, that our lives are full of choices only we can make for ourselves.

If these people cared about life, abortion would be covered by insurance and Medicaid along with any other medication or procedure a person might need to lead a healthy, productive life.

If these people cared about life, they’d remember and recognize our rights. They’d remember that any argument for or against a human being’s right to choose what happens in/to their own body that involves the word “sin” or that requires opinions quoted from or supported by a “holy” book has no place in government, in our laws, in our lives (unless we personally choose such religious rules for ourselves). Religion is private and personal, and yours has nothing to do with anyone else’s choices.

“Pro-life” is a LIE.

In this country, we don’t take anything from anyone’s body – living or dead -even if it could save another person’s life, unless we have the express written consent of that person. (see Noelle Krimm’s screen shot at the end of this post) If we understand bodily autonomy in all other cases, why is this difficult? The answer? Because men truly believe they have a say in what happens inside a woman’s body. It’s time we disavow them of this preposterous idea.

There is nothing unreasonable or “hysterical” about people standing up for our rights and pushing for our rights as human beings to finally be recognized in our country.

Don’t fall for their self-righteous bullshit and outright lies. “Pro-life” is a lie; it’s propaganda. These laws limiting or doing away with abortion are intended to chip away at Roe vs. Wade, and eventually, to do away with it forever. Roe vs. Wade is about a person’s right to privacy and bodily autonomy. The men in power can’t stand that non-males might have rights, that women could be treated as people.

And to all of you who continue to stand with and defend this archaic and oppressive patriarchal system: fuck you.

Facebook post from Noelle Krimm, 19 May 2019: When my ex husband was tested to see if he would be able to donate a piece of his liver to our six month old son who was rapidly declining, a large part of the process was psychological. Because if they felt that he was, in any way, reluctant to go through with the medical procedure that would save our son's life, he would be denied. He was given several opportunities to bow out of the process gracefully. If he had, they would have told me that he was not a viable match and would never have revealed that he simply didn't want to do it. Without his liver, my son would have died. He didn't have time to wait for a cadaveric donor. But, in this country, we don't force people to sacrifice their physical and mental well-being in order to save someone else's life. If no one was willing to donate, he would have passed away.
If a good Samaritan wants to donate a kidney or a piece of liver to someone, the process takes well over a month and includes a 30 day "cooling off" period in case they filled out the paperwork in a fit of passion and then had second thoughts later on. Even if the intended recipient only has two weeks to live - they will simply not take the graft. They are beyond careful about even the slightest possibility that you may not be 100 percent on board with the sacrifice you are in the position to make. 
To the best of my knowledge, the only residual effects my ex husband has from having donated a fifth of his liver is a 6 inch scar. The residual effects of my having had two babies is considerably more substantial. My body never completely recovered.
I don't care when life begins in your opinion. We don't force people to sacrifice their mental and/or physical well-being in order to save someone else.

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Link: “In Defense of Roe” – by Scott Lemieux at The American Prospect, 18 June 2006 (printed in July Issue). Excerpt: “By the same logic, one can argue that allowing Social Security to be privatized would create tensions in the conservative coalition and a backlash that might help Democrats politically. This is hardly good reason to hope that it happens. The fact that commentators making the political case for abandoning Roe never apply the same logic to other issues reflects a general tendency to take women’s rights less seriously.” (italics added by me)

Link: “Our Fury Over Abortion Was Dismissed for Decades As Hysterical” – by Rebecca Traister at The Cut. Excerpt: ” First, never again let anyone tell you that the fury or determination to fight on this account is invalid, inappropriate, or inconvenient to a broader message. Consider that this is also what women and marginalized people are told all the time about their anger in general: that they should not express it, not let it out, because to give voice to their rage will distract from their aims, undermine them; that it will ultimately be bad for them. This messaging is strategic. It is designed to get angry people to keep their mouths shut. Because if they are successfully stifled, they will remain at the margins, isolated, alone in their fury. “

Link: Less Than  – by E. Brooks of Gray Matters

Link: Through  – by E. Brooks of Gray Matters

Link: Roe v. Wade (1973) – Cornell Law School

Link: Equal Rights Amendment

Link to Facebook post by Noelle Krimm.

TL;DR: Do not minimize or ignore the threat to human rights, to bodily autonomy and privacy, that the current wave of anti-abortion and anti-women laws pose, especially to non-males. Abortion laws are about controlling women. Period.

Edited 4 June 2019 to include two links not in the original post (the one from and the one from The Cut) and other minor changes.

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