The short version is I’m a middle-aged, married, white woman living in Wisconsin in the United States of America. For more than 50 years now I’ve been learning the ropes, watching, listening , surviving, and now I have some observations (and rants) I’d like to offer.

I have a grown son and two ex-husbands living in the Kansas City area. I have a supportive husband, dogs, and cats here in Milwaukee. I’ve worked all over, mostly in customer service, including as a banker, police dispatcher, as the partner/driver for a delivery service, and also in fast food, supervising troubled kids at their group residence, apartment rental/management, and in a print shop. My degree is in computer programming, and one of these days I’ll take the last three classes I need for my business degree. For hobbies I’ve enjoyed making and selling hand-beaded jewelry (still dabble in that a bit though I no longer do shows/sell online), breeding rats for show, gardening, cooking, video gaming (tank, dps roles).

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