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Take A Leak

About those leaks. . .

“As to the leaking, I think it really is a disservice to the president this happened. Can you imagine being President of the United States having a conversation with a foreign leader and that conversation being divulged to the media? It’s not fair to President Trump.” – Lindsey Graham of SC First, let’s get this …

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But Her Emails: Make a Molehill Out of a Mountain

Capitol in ruins, but her emails!

Shouldn’t we be over this, by now? Adults are trying to have intelligent conversations about the very real problems we’re facing as a country, problems mostly either brought on by or exacerbated by our current government, and people have to jump in with variations on “but her emails.” Really? We’re still on about that? Why are …

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Spring! 2017

Spring! Every year it’s like this for me, this disgustingly cheery, hopeful feeling just because of the equinox, a day on the calendar. It’s a day of rebirth, new beginnings! Oh, joy, warmth, sunshine! Weee, flowers, happy shit, hope!. . . I’m probably as bad as those Christmas freaks who, for one day of the …

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