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That figure we’ve been insisting members of the regime back up? The “4000 people from terrorist list stopped” figure coming from the White House? It’s actually six. Six people. So. . . they rounded up? And how about that statement from Sarah Sanders this weekend, “We know that roughly, nearly 4,000 known or suspected terrorists …

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This “MAGA” – What Does It Really Mean?

Health care spending has grown much faster than the economy. Costs compared to GDP and wages 1960-2010.

Is it Make America Golf Again? No? “Great?” When was America great? Why isn’t it great now? Okay, dumb question; I know what’s wrong with it now. A year ago, though, there was certainly room for improvement, but we were making noticeable progress. Maybe we weren’t great, but we were pretty damned good and working our …

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